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Good Luck Bear bento

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone today with this Good Luck Care Bear bento - 80's cartoon character theme continuation AND St Patrick's Day Good Luck Shamrock emblem! Read all about it on Bento Box Blog!

Pot o' Gold

Another simple attempt at an Irish theme.

Rainbow of tomato, cucumber, green pepper and carrot with extra bits underneath for a "salad" and carrot "coins." Green grapes. Pot o' gold is a cheese sandwich on an English muffin with green pepper shamrock garnish. More cucumber shamrocks and some "gold" treats from Reeses.


St Patrick's Day bento

Today’s bento is a Leprechaun because tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! St Patrick’s Day, to me, conjures up images from Irish Folklore, such as shamrocks, greenery, pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, leprechauns and pints of Guinness! In reality, [read more on my Wordpress bento box


Not very creative, but green and tasty. Happy Saint Paddy's Day to everyone!

Top tier: Black mission figs, carrots, and falafel wraps with cucumber.
Second tier: Spinach/basil/garlic pasta, shamrocks of cheese and ham, green grapes.


Three Alice In Wonderland-inspired bentos.

Quite coincidentally I'd been makeing Alice in Wonderland-themed bentos for a few days when mombento alerted me to the fact that it was this week's last week's challenge here. So since I'd planned a Chessire Cat for today anyway, I decided to post all three of them. The ones I'd made so far.

They're inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and I have seen Tim Burton's version (and loved it!) but the characters are still my own interpretation of the characters, albeit inspired as to details like the Mad Hatter's hair or the purple on the cat.

Oh and lookie: I has a shamrock.. or at least a four leaf clover.. in the newest (the one at the bottom) bento as well *L* Thus spanning two weeks! *GG*

Hope you like'm :) I do ^_^

Bento # 730
Bento # 731
Bento # 732



Since we have done "green" as a challenge twice already, I decided to make this week's challenge about shamrocks and all things St. Patrick's Day related. This way, it can still be green, but it is open for interpretation.

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Alice in Wonderland

Although this theme has been done before, in honor of the new "Alice in Wonderland" movie from Tim Burton debuting this weekend, we will be making it this week's challenge again.

Maybe this time around, your lunches may be a bit more darker to reflect Tim Burton's art? I'm excited to see what everyone will come up with this week.

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The Hills Are Alive..

.When my husband bought our first DVD player years ago, he brought it home with a DVD of what he knew was my favorite all-time musical, the Sound of Music. Here is a bento tribute to it.

Penne pasta with spinach cream sauce, the last of the bison burgers with cheese, tomato, and lettuce on a mountain shaped tortilla. Maria is made of nori and cheese.



Forgive me if my design is a little crude...I'm new to bentoing and this was my first time using nori!


The main compartment holds chicken fried rice with letters cut from snow peas and the design from nori.  The top left compartment has an eggroll and the top right has yogurt with honey and blackberries.

I was trying to cut the nori to show the pattern below, but on the fried rice and under the snow peas letters, it's not as visible as I wanted!  Maybe white rice and a bigger container next time... :)

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