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Super Special Bento #25!!!

Hey, guys!! Guess what? I'm posting a bento on the same night it was made!! Isn't that amazing? Lately I've been waiting weeks and weeks and posting backlogs... But, I just couldn't help myself this time! I needed to share. :D

This is my first REAL kyaraben. I had made a semi-kyaraben before when I made a pepper girl, and I've made some faces on things before, but I don't really count those. I've always wanted to spend the time and make something much better...

So, without further ado, here's my SUPER AWESOME GOJU RYU SUPARINPEI BENTO!!


This bento contains: 

* Thai tuna and rice
* karate girl (mozzarella, smoked ham, nori) 
* background (enoki mushrooms, green onions, mozzarella, pepperoni, turkey) 
* sugar snap peas
* corn and red pepper sauteed in butter

I am SO PROUD of this bento that you have no idea. It portrays a girl performing the suparinpei kata from goju ryu, the style of karate I just started. As I'm sure you realized from the cake I made for my karate class in my last post (at bentolunch), I'm really, really into karate right now... ^^; Anyway, enjoy!
Tags: sports

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