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tatooine / stormtrooper

20080530 :: bento diary :: tatooine 20080530 :: bento diary :: tier 2

20080530 :: bento diary :: tatooine

jawa head: forbidden rice jawa onigiri with carrot stick eyes and a philly style steak tofurkey hood
jawa body: 2 tiny sweet red peppers wrapped in philly style steak tofurkey, with nori ammo belts and hands
sky: purple cabbage
suns: golden beet and yellow tomato (tatoo I), orange tomato (tatoo II)
tatooine desert: pita w/white bean & chickpea spread
hidden behind jawa, desert, and sky: big chunks of english cuke, baby carrots, tamagoyaki, and halved small tomatoes

20080530 :: bento diary :: tier 2

space: forbidden rice with sesame seeds
death star: hard boiled egg dyed with forbidden rice and a little beet juice, with nori and soy wrapper for the superlaser
stormtrooper: monterey jack cheese, with a tiny bit of nori for detail

p.s. i feel like these look cool but not delicious. i swear the good colorful stuff is hidden behind the tatooine scene. i think i went a little overboard by choosing a planet that was so barren. i should have done an ewok village or something. :)

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