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More Halloween-bentos

Well sorry if I'm spamming with these, but since it's Halloween so soon, I'm making these on a daily basis. And since I right now make two at a time, there's two new ones every day. I admit that the bottom one isn't all that exciting, it's hard to make "figures" when the recipient won't eat onigiri. Luckily my oldest will!

Bento # 865
Bento # 866

Please click for a bigger version and a description of what's in them. Won't open a new journal, just the LJ gallery!
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A lot of pasta

Pasta Bento
I read the theme and thought, yes, something easy this time. I'll make ramson noodles. Or udon? And teddy pasta as decoration.Hm... or all 3. And whatever I find in our noodle drawer.
I found two other open packages that I could use some noodles from. There were some soup noodles, too, but they would have been to small, so I just took those 5 types.
Top tier: cauliflower, carrots, spaghetti, teddy pasta and sesame
Bottom tier: ramson noodles, spiral noodles (without a name on the package), wholemeal noodles called cornetti rigati, broccoli, green beans, udon noodles and black sesame.
I didn't have a sauce (any suggestions?), but the variety made up for this.
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Spaghetti, Fettuchini, Macaroni, Gnocchi, Fussili, Lasagna, Ravioli, Tortellini...the list goes on and on for all the different kinds of Pasta you can eat for your lunch this week to celebrate Pasta Day.

Me, I personally like Manicotti.

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Happy 70th, Mr. Lennon

If you missed out on last year's chance to make a Beatles themed lunch, you now have the chance to try again this year in Honor of John Lennon's 70th Birthday. You can make a bento depicting his songs, or something a little more personal.

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Traveling abroad

With World Tourism Day coming up, is there anywhere in the world you would love to visit someday, or go back to extending your Summer vacation destiny if you have already been there? This summer was very hard for me financially, so I could only dream of traveling, rather than actually go on a nice, tropical vacation.

Show us a landmark of somewhere you would like to go to next in your lunch, along with a native dish if you choose to. I would really like to go back to the Pyreenees mountains of France, or change it up a bit and visit Japan.

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Give me an...


What does that spell?

With your children (or maybe even you) back in school, share with us your school mascot and colors. My high school mascot was "Lola the Bobcat."

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Also, my sincere apologies for not updating challenges every week as promised. Life has been a bit demanding of my time lately, but I'm really hoping to change that.
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