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Bento Challenge


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This community was specifically created to challenge bento makers to design a lunch around a theme. We will announce a weekly theme and members will need to post their themed bento during that week. This is NOT a rating community. It is a place to get together and give each other a challenge. Taking risks, trying new things, and helping each other out is the purpose of this community.

We will start with very few guidelines and see how things go, but please read them before posting.

1. Weekly themes will be posted on Saturdays. You can create your lunch anytime during the week and you will have until the following Saturday to post a photo and description of your themed lunch. Tag your entry with the name of the weekly theme (for example, if the theme was "create a spring bento" the tag would be "spring.")

2. Post your first photo on the main page and hide any other photos under the cut.

3. Do NOT post bento/lunches that do NOT go along with the theme. Post those in a community such as bentolunch. Feel free to post your themed bento in any other communities you choose.

4. Do NOT post bento boxes or lunch boxes that go with the theme but do not present a lunch related to the theme. (Example, if the theme is "Hello Kitty," do not post a Hello Kitty lunch box with a plain sandwich inside).

4. Posted bento must be prepared by the person posting (do not link to other bento that are related to the theme).

5. There is no limit to the number of entries for each theme. If you like, you can use the challenge to make your bento according to the theme for the whole week! But please don't make an identical bento and post that repeatedly.

6. If you would like to post an idea for a future theme please add to the idea list.